Dear beautiful souls,

If you came already to Casa Pantha for a stay, a yoga class, a therapy session, a massage, or joined me to an event, workshop or retreat, and you want to leave some comments about your experience, this page is for you.

You will find the button “comment” at the very bottom of this page. But for some reason, some people can’t use it… if it’s your case, maybe you can use the facebook page ( and make a comment there instead.

I am sure it will be helpful for people who don’t know me to make their mind about how I work, and what they can expect if they join an event, or want to stay at the house.

Thank you in advance


Here some reviews of my customers about yoga, yoga therapy & healing sessions:

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Here are some of the reviews people gave after their stay when I was, once upon a time, on some of the very known “bed and breakfast” platforms:

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Comments in FrenchGuest Review in French 1Guest Review in French 2

Comment in SpanishGuest Review in Spanish