Yoga Classes & Styles

About the practice…

Each session begins silently. Concentrated on the breath, this moment allows us to aim attention at the present moment, at the practice, and to leave our daily life worries aside, in order to be more focused on the following experience and on ourselves, to make the most of it. In a word, we practice mindfulness.
After some warm-up and sun salutations, the practice is according to the chosen level, or adapted to the students level, and the flow of various poses takes us up to the final asana, Savasana (total relaxation posture).
Built around a theme, the flow will focus on appropriate postures, to support and cultivate the chosen theme.

Yoga is for everyone – if you can breathe, you can do Yoga…

General Yoga classes     –       see below for Yoga as medicine/therapy programs

All yoga practices offered evolve around mindfulness (being fully present with what’s going on right now) and flow (also known as vinyasa). Any classes can also be done on private/one-to-one session. Different styles of yoga can be experienced:

Gentle Yoga is for everyone and designed to work on the basic postures. Particularly adapted to beginners or those who want to deepen or upgrade the basics, this practice allows to discover our limits without stress, while working in depth on balance and inner power.

Power Yoga is a dynamic flow, considered to be an intermediate/advanced practice. Some postures will represent a challenge, in a powerful physical & spiritual practice. Exploring our own limits is the best way to acknowledge them, in order to surpass them.

Anti-stress Yoga is a relaxation restorative practice, opened to all. Chosen postures associated with an conscious breath will open smoothly the body to release tensions, and favor the natural flow of vital energies.

Partner Yoga is a double goal practice (also ideal for couple, partners or friends). You will discover that you are much more capable of what you think, by helping each others in some challenging postures. You will connect and open much more by doing postures together.


Yoga sessions specifically designed for therapeutic purposes:

Therapeutic Yoga – or Special Senior Yoga – is a rejuvenative & regenerative practice, open to all who want to keep moving, stretching, to stay fit and active, and enjoy their body. Chosen postures, specific breathing exercises and techniques, make this class particularly focused on the main body aging challenges, as they work primarily on freeing the joints, increasing the flow of energy and beneficial fluids in the body – ideal to fight against chronical issues, back pain, arthritis…

Yoga Nidra : more known as sleep yoga, it’s a powerful session, to go into a deep relaxation, and particularly recommended to help you overcome stressful situations, depression, psychological burnout, physical exhaustion… It is a powerful tool in therapeutic approach, ideal to change your mind from negative to positive thinking. Mindfulness is the magic word in this session.

Yoga Therapy. It’s a holistic approach of any issue, and will be designed according to each patient’s needs, in order to treat, cure, or give the needed support to his/her health condition(s). Yoga Nidra, as a part of yoga therapy, can be adapted to your individual needs, and designed according to your physical/health/mental condition(s). For more details, click here   –  to understand how the healing process works, follow this link: