Healing Consultation

unlock your own self-healing capacities

Yoga Therapy Programs are highly individualized, done according to the medical diagnosis. It will never substitute the medical treatment, without a M.D. advice. Yoga Therapy sessions are supervised, but also given to offer enough self-knowledge to the patient to be able to continue on an autonomous manner.

Yoga Therapy, as a holistic approach, focuses on the body-mind-spirit entity to help people with health condition(s) (physical or psychological). Every program is designed according to each patient, in order to prevent, treat, cure or give the support the person needs.

The first consultation has 3 main goals:

  • determine all aspects of the health condition(s) of the patient in its entirety to design the protocol
  • assess lifestyle and physical capacity
  • create the course of treatment
  • make sure the patient understands and accepts the program and its implications
  • make sure the patients expectations can match the program

Before coming to the first consultation, the patient need to gather all medical information (diagnosis, evolution of the health conditions since, all documents and medical files, …), and if possible, determine his/her ayurvedic dosha constitution (which we can do together as well).

Once we agree on the program and its duration, we can start with the first sessions. We will adjust & improve the protocols along the way, together. The patient will also receive a program to practice, and later, continue independently.

In Yoga Therapy sessions, we will mostly work with breath therapy (pranayama), postural correction, yoga therapeutic sequences, Tibetan yoga of movement, yoga nidra (deep relaxation technique), Dorn therapy, cleansing techniques, naturopathy, meditation, and coupled with Ayurveda, it stretches its boundary to massages, diets, high knowledge of the body (on multiple levels), to provide a deep understanding of our true nature, recreate and keep our balance, and improve our (physical and spiritual) health. Ayurveda diet and massages are of a huge assistance in all healing process, and self-development.

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