Workshops & Events

All events and workshops programmed along the year are also available on-demand, at anytime, and can be taken as a one-on-one workshop or as a mini-group (maximum 6 people). You can also create your own program, and it will be especially designed toward your needs.

To see the workshops and retreats available this year, follow this link: – under this section, you will find all events scheduled for this year. Each of these events can also be taken “on-demand”.

All pre-designed “Stay-Specials” are also an example of what is available anytime, and can be seen under this section:

If you wish to be informed about all of the up-coming events, please write me a mail ( asking me to include you on the mailing-list, and I will send you directly any information concerning any programmed event, possible changes, new classes & schedules…