The House

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Casa Pantha – The “Stay-Specials” area
My little Indian House in this cute corner of Andalusia blessed by the sun.

The guests area (separated from the rest of the house by the upper patio) is composed by 3 rooms and a bathroom. This area is used to welcome participants of the anual events and “stay-specials”. Each room, to stay in the spirit of India, is called by the name of an Indian city, according to the decoration.

The first room in front of the entrance dreams about Mumbai, for the kitsch side and the glamour of Bollywood. One double bed and a big wardrobe will offer you enough space to enjoy your stay. The balcony opens the room on the south side of the village and you can see the sea at the horizon.

The second, and biggest, room invites you to the state of Gujarat, rich of glittering handcrafts. Saurashtra, color of Gujarat, welcomes you with 1 double bed. The balcony shares its view on the village and the sea down the valley.

The third, and smallest room, is a “day-room” that brings you to Goa, in the city of Anjuna the Hippy! You find in this room a small frigde, a teakettle, and some basic kitchenware (cutlery, plates…) to prepare breakfasts or snacks (no cooking). The big Ganesh will protect you during your stay. This room can be used as a single bedroom if needed during retreat or events.

You are welcome to stay at Casa Pantha, even if you are not joining one of the events, workshops or “Stay Specials”. If you are on one of the “Stay-Specials”, the breakfasts are included in the price. Please, notice that the kitchen downstairs is not any more accessible to the guests, but I will do my best to help you if you need something.

Tea is always available, just ask me.

If you stay for a long period (at least 5 days), I can provide a free washing service.

Wifi is also available.