The House

Casa Pantha – A traditional Andalusian House, with a twist of Indian Spirit

Casa Pantha is a traditional Andalusian house, build around a duplex-like patio. Only 30 km from Malaga, you are welcome to spend time in this little oasis in the ancient medina of Velez-Malaga, where patio and terraces, home to lots of plants, create a subtropical atmosphere under the compelling fragrance of the jasmine flowers.

Reflection of the western and oriental cultures I shared for the past 20 years, their imprints give a unique atmosphere to this traditional Mediterranean house. Because of its location – in the tropical climate of the Malaga coast, and my love for India, the house embraces with style all these influences, in many ways.

The ground floor of the house and the patios respect the pure Andalusian style, with beautiful “azulejos” – the traditional Spanish tiles – covering half of the walls and the inner steps of each stair. The ground floor is mostly used as a yoga studio, therapeutic room, and working space.

From the terrace-garden, you can enjoy the view over the mountain in the background, the cultivated plain with mango trees, avocado trees and vegetables, and the North-part of the village, with the citadel on the top of the hill. From the Lounge-Terrace, you can glance down the valley to the sea.

Casa Pantha is a safe non-judgmental space to (re)connect to yourself, learn, practice, experience, recover and heal. Dedicated to yoga, ayurveda and spirituality, Casa Pantha gives you the best gift you can imagine for yourself: time. Time to yourself, time to rest and heal, and retrieve your true-self.

The Yoga Studio welcomes you weekly with Anusara-inspired yoga classes, Restorative yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Therapy Yoga Program (designed according of your personal health conditions).

The Massage Room provides an intimate space to enjoy traditional & Indian massages. See the details under the “Massage & Wellness” page.

In addition to its weekly activities, Casa Pantha offers, over a week or a weekend, a few programs specially designed around yoga, ayurveda (massages and cooking) and old wisdoms. You can learn more about these programs under the page “Stay-Specials”. You can choose one of them, or create your own.

And just in case you wonder why I choose to name the house “Casa Pantha”, voilà:

Because my life is a mix of multiple cultural influences, mostly Mediterranean and Indian, I mixed 2 languages, as I mixed influences in the house. Casa, in Spanish (and in Goa), means house. Pantha is a Sanskrit word – the ancient Indian sacred language – that means traveller, nomad…

I hope to welcome you here soon!