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After 15 years teaching French language and training teachers, life gave me a huge challenge to overcome, and made me realize that I kind of lost myself somewhere on the way… The ancient wisdoms of India, Tibet, Native American, and yoga helped me to put myself together, and despite temporary detours, brought me back on my path again.

These challenging years gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself, to look at life & events through a new perspective, and taught me how to use tools we all have without sometimes even knowing it. Most importantly, this process made me understand who I really am, and helped me to simply be my authentic self, again.

Who am I?

I’m a nomad and an explorer. Exploring for me is not just about the country, but mostly about the cultures. What can be more open minding than seeing events, people, and the world around us through the eyes of a different point of view? That’s why I’m also an eternal student. Because if we can see freely & truly, everything that happens to us in life can be a learning & rewarding experience.

To be able to share all of that, in the best way possible, I study Yoga and Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicinal wisdom and science of life), Tantra Philosophy, Hinduism, and more. Trained Ayurveda masseur and yoga therapist, I split my time between Istanbul and India for several years to learn more.

Casa Pantha became now my new “point de chute” (my ”home-sweet-home”), and the place I choose to settle down, and share all I learnt in past years, thanks to many travels, studies, life experiences and encounters met along the road.

My Favourite quotes

inspirational well-known authors
– “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”
Robert Frost
– “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”
Marcus Aurelius
– “The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal.”
Pema Chodron

inspired by my own journey:
– “Yoga is an empowering tool to reach, dig out & give space to our own essence to blossom up,
as the flower compressed in the bud reaching out to express its true nature.”

– “Nothing is impossible, unless we decide otherwise.
Limits are only the expression of our own restrictions, we impose to ourselves.”

yogataughtmeBody-Mind Awakening – a yoga lesson:

“We are perfect as we are, right here, right now!”

We hear a lot about change and transformation, but most of the time, we mistaken on the involvements. It’s not about us, but about life. Life may be about change or transformation, imposing changes through challenges, but we don’t have to change. We may have to adapt, but we still are our own self. Our biggest challenge is indeed to remain ourselves through the changes of life.
We don’t have to create, nor change or transform ourselves to reach who we are. We already are!
Our path is not about trying to be the one others want us to be, but rather, grow through the challenges life puts on the path, and use our experiences to discover and reveal who we truly are, to remain or go back to our own essence, our own potential, our higher self. Our authentic nature.

Your host, David, alias Yogi Folies



One thought on “Your Host

  1. I have attended Davids yoga classes and some workshops. His classes are enjoyable and well planned. He has lots of knowledge of both Yoga and Ayurveda , which he uses to make fun and interesting workshops.
    I have also worked with David on a project called Yoga by the Lake, a monthly session of asana, pranayama and meditation in nature. It was great to be working with someone who shares my passion and love for Yoga.
    Namaste !


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